Thursday, July 28, 2005

Maritime Moutou

I know you have all been so curious to find out how ASEAN will deal with Myanmar (Burma, you fuckers!) being the next candidate for the chairmanship of the organization (ASEAN = Association of South East Asian Nations). Myanmar was allowed into the regional organization (sort of like an EU but waaaayyy more laissez-faire politically speaking) a few years ago. Why? Well, I think the rationale was the same as that used for letting China into the WTO: that trade liberalization will bring good governance and respect for human rights to these nations. As we all know, Myanmar has not become any less totalitarian in recent years. The unfortunate situation for ASEAN has been that the chairmanship rotates anually from one nation to the next and at this year's conference, Myanmar was supposed to take over. The other nations were perturbed because they feared it would reduce the credibility of ASEAN. Anyhow, you can all relax now because Myanmar has resolved to forgo leadership of ASEAN until "it is ready to take its turn."

So that is what I think about in my spare time. I am also trying to figure out what on earth South America was up to during the World Wars. I know they were internally fucked, but how come they never wanted to play along with us like Japan did?

My mind is also quite intrigued with the Israeli pull-out from the Gaza settlement. And I am waiting for Karl Rove to go down. Him and Conrad Black and Mike Harris. Those assholes should all share the tiny cell with Paul Bernardo. I wonder who would last the longest and who would suck cock first? Although I seem to be obsessed with animals and family history and my lack of employment, I do have other weird shit woven into my perceptual apparati.

This is Grand Falls. We passed it on the way here. I have been to this region so many times and have no recollection of ever seeing this thing. So it is dammed up. I like the rocks. I went into the visitor info centre and tried to read about the geological history but the letters on the display boards were all falling off and being dumb. So I gave up.

Yolanda is sniffing her cousin's ear here and I don't think Abbey has a damn clue! Yolanda and Yoda were the last sugar gliders born into my family and they are the friendliest ones of them all (there are five of them now - Mala crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the spring). When Abbey lived with her glider cousins, they would hitch rides on her big fat ass around the appartment.

Injury from walking into a door the wrong way in a rain storm. I am such a clutzy idiot and here is the proof!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

let's go to new brunswick!!

my sister ariel, me and aidan on our way to pick strawberries

i am a descendant of this woman! she is my great-grandmother lillian and she looks crazy here!

my first time to the island that i now live on... this is in 1986 with my gramma jean and my father dennis

meghan and her first dog love - macho - at camp hillbilly in the 1980s....(notice the lovely rosary i had put around his neck)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nam japna

i printed up an essay i wrote about common law approaches (as opposed to legislative approaches)to environmental bullshit because one of the places i applied to required a writing sample. so my mother is reading it and says "hey! that's my dad's company!" turns out one of the cases that pisses me of most was the result of one of my grandfather's chemical company's detergent plants spilling toxic shit into a bay in new foundland. local fisherman sued his company for public nuisance, claiming the economic losses which resulted from the chemical spill (and killed their fish which they relied upon.) the judge tossed it out cause it was decided the losses were not unique enough to pass the public nuisance test (this gets into the stupid distinction between difference in degree and difference in kind) the good news is, by the time the newfoundland supreme court decided the case, 1971, my grandfather was long dead. so i cannot be too angry.

some more irony about who and i am the people i came from - my other grandfather - my grampa george who i just saw tonight - spent his life packing meat at a slaughterhouse. my dad put himself through teacher's college at Canada Packer's as well.

I am a strict vegetarian - almost vegan, even. and i want to fight corporations like the Electric Reduction Co. of Canada, Ltd (from the lawsuit). you know what this means? for all my efforts i plan to make to raise socially-aware and ethical children, my own grandchildren may operate torture chmabers for dogs or something that pollute toxic turds into pristine wilderness. almost makes you want to smoke a joint and say fuck it all.

by the way, the title to this entry is the sikh word for god - i have been researching sikhism tonight. i thought it was a subsidiary (heheh) of hinduism but was wrong. it is some interesting shit. i want to check out punjab!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

yesterday i trotted around Toronto, my nation's largest city, distributing letters of recommendation to seven different potential employers. it took me five hours. no joke. and four of the seven were within walking distance.

the traffic and parking issues are hilarious. even more funny are the corporate skyscrapers i had to deal with. i kept thinking about patrick bateman running wild through the monolithic lobbies in American Psycho - that flick was filmed here and i swear i was on the movie set although how would i know as they all sort of seem the same.

applying to jobs in buildings that have the stock ticker thing broacast in every elevator? am i delusional?

it is rainy and hot and dark. i am waiting for laundry to finish its cycle. staye up til sunrise again but this time on the phone with the family - more bizarre bullshit involving porn, alcohol, anger, law enforcement, and above all TRAGEDY.

have been to cemetaries twice this week. thursday we buried the ashes of jean above her parents' remains as the thunderous darkness rolled in. went bowling and kicked ass afterwards. yesterday i tracked down the graves of my grandfather's family, hoping to uncover the birth year of my great-grandfather, from whom i inherited my last name. i went searching there before with erin but there were way too many graves and we had no direction. this time i had plot numbers and maps and sadly, joe mcdermott was not laid to rest there. just his wife, daughter, and parents-in-law. i said hi to my great-great-grandparents though....born in the i have a bit more info for my genetic research fascination shindigs.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Up North of Toronto - did you know this city has the highest concentration of Muslims in North America? 5% of the popultion! Also, in Canada, 2% of Jewish people have PhD's, 1.5% of Muslims, and 0.3% of Roman Catholics! Sorry, no stats on wasp's, buddhists, hindus, seikhs or atheists.
Watched Spirited Away again tonight with Ariel (sis), Aidan (bro) and Dennis (daddy-o). It is 4:19 a.m. and my 12 year old brother is having a shower. I think he is a brilliant retard like myself.
Okay I am usually a good researcher but have been unable to locate images online of the crazy weird birdman statues on rue St-Denis!! Hopefully some of the readers will know what I am talking about. Anyhow, last night we were watching this odd movie by Brian de Palma on late-night TV called "The Phantom of the Paradise" which is a 1960s version of the Opera thing. The phantom in this flick is eerily similar to those creepy bird things carrying briefcases on the Plateau Montréal.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Who is Sexier: the Nihilist or the Existentialist?

i miss bill miller... i wonder if he ever found his 17 wives. good thing i saved his ENTIRE site before he dismatled it.

I must thank the combine harvester for drawing my attention to Ong Fatt (the lucky one) from Malaysian. Singapore must be regretting their withdrawel from their federation...I sure would be with dogs like THIS!
To thank you,combine harvester, dig this: "It first seemed as though the Chief was going to fail this test of maturity in the mental ward that he was committed to. He had locked himself up by acting deaf and dumb. He had immense fear of the 'Combine,'or society, that ruined things and people and treated them like machines, giving orders and controlling them." (in reference to the symbolism in Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Big News For Trotskyites! The missing murder weapon, the ICE PICK, has resurfaced after six decades!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I seriously am... this is no new age bullshit!

Click here to see my personality type description dogs too!

if any of you are into personality tests like that one, i'd love to know what y'all are... a good site for a quick test can be found here.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ten Years Ago Today...

...I was 16, living in the "D" section of Bramalea. Had just finished 11th grade and had an awesome summer. I wish I could find my old diaries to see exactly what I was up to the second week of July in that year. I worked full time in the summer at the local movie theatre and partied lots. In fact, it was probably my favourite teenage summer now that I think of it.
I had no clue about the crazy massacres goig on overseas. Today is the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Srebrenica tragedy. The main perpetrators are still at large.
The above skull will give you details.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Monday, July 04, 2005

Monkey Statue Needed

little yappy teddy bear doggie

heh how sexy

the cow kissed me too but everyone else had left so no one was there o photograph it

my new lovah!!

I feel boring. My life is boring. Give me some topics/ideas and I will write. If not, it'll all just be pictures for awhile until something cool occurs in my reality. Maybe I should open my address book and start phoning old friends? That'll give me something to do.

If anyone wants to get me to a deveolping nation, I'd be more than happy to volunteer my healthy body and intelligent mind. Until then, boredom.

Fucking spacetime.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy 138th!

So today is my nation's National Holiday - in 1867 Canada became a nation! And what a silly constitution we have inherited! So here is a retarded collage about things that I love most about Canada...

MAPLE PULLS!!!! (tirés d'érable!) these rock my helva - the west coast sucks for not having this stuff... basically it is maple syrup boiled down into a thick syrup and then you pour it over snow and let it harden a bit and then you wrap it around a popsicle stick and you have to eat it quick before it melts all down your arm!

The Charter of Rights and law school experience has imbued me with a deep respect for this constitutional bill of rights. Canada as I know it and love it would not exist if Trudeau had not whipped this up in 1982. I just wish there had been at least ONE drafter with a vagina! Oh well....

Neil Young!!!!
I love your music, you ugly beast.

Niagara Falls - if only they were preserved in their natural setting!

Labrador Retrievers! And Bonhomme - the mascot of the Carnival du Québec - what a silly dude!

Oh yeah. Our currency is wicked awesome as well!

Now what sucks about Canada?

Genocidal actions and policies with respect to the First Nations
The climate (cold sucks ass)
Regional alienation and resentment towards Ontario
Lack of commitment to Kyoto Protocol
Animal welfare laws are sick and out-dated
Bilingual education is not mandatory across the country
Marijuana still is not legal
Lenient criminal sentencing (drunk drivers need harsher punishments!)
Subsidies to the meat industry
Shitty environmental protection legislation
Preventative detention bullshit
Migrant workers (what the fuck??)

Okay I am heading down to Harbourfront Centre to whoop it up with hilarious Torontotonians and to see some live music.... please add your ideas about what you cherish and loathe to the list!