Saturday, September 30, 2006

This post is about my wonderful partner in crime, Russell! I will soon be leaving him to go usher in the summer south of the equator, but he will be orbiting the sun from this Island with my dog Abbey and my kitty Muchacho. Jasminder Doghiwal is madly in love with the 'chacho, so maybe Russell will witness some inter-speciel fertilization while tending to the furry fart-heads.
Russell is the ENTJ to my ENFP (though we are both closet introverts, too!).
His family welcomes me warmly (after his father's initial doubts about my age, but I won him over with some snarky comments at the dinner table one day).
Russ' internet "homepage" is a blank screen.
He follows directions with everything and takes timers seriously.
He gives Abbey hip massages and wants to take her to a chiropracter!
We watch "A Perfect Match" together, even though they probably only ever made 6 episodes and we just watch the reruns...
Russell buys me slurpees and will go out of his way to get the "good" version further away, even though he worries about my sugar consumption.
You should see him with a mullet wig - he bites the bruce cockburn style!
I want to wear his preserved hockey jacket from when he played in a league, but my bohunk body would rip up the seams!
The man rocks my helva - how many doctors talk about vomiting into Eddie Haskell's anus? Not many, I am sure.
I think Russell needs a blog, but he is classic Generation X and farts on my proposal!
We both waited 19 years to see "Un Zoo le Nuit" and it sucked!
Officer Barbrady has to "go poopies!"

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Russ and I went to South Park this weekend and I got a wicked ass Terrence and Phillip T-shirt! Russ was still drunk from Beer Fest here in Victoria, so he ranted to Colorado the whole time about how ridiculous it is for the Pope to say that Canada is turning its back on God.

I had a great curried tofu scramble this morning with friends from back home and a new/old friend from Halifax - she is heading home so that tomorrow Condoleeza Rice can seduce her with a memorial boner in Nova Scotia.