Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Salutations from the Other Side!"

We rented the Phantom of the Paradise DVD recently and laughed our asses off. I actually spent time the next day photographing the screen and taking little movies of my favourite parts.

This clip is for Russ - it cracks him up every time:

Signal Hill caught fire again, but this time even worse than the other time. If you look closely, you can see a helicopter dumping water on the fire just above and to the left of it. It was fun but sad to watch from the balcony.

This is not chronological. Sorry.
About a week before Lena left, she took us to the Rhodes Memorial on the side of Devil's Peak. Russell really enjoyed the structure while I found it to be a bit too much.

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At the last fullmoon, we attempted the Signal Hill hike in the evening, as locals here use the moonlight to guide them. Unfortunately, the mountain ended up surrounded by clouds soon after we started our ascent. Here is a photo looking over the Cape Town CBD ("central business district") with the full moon visible above the horizon.

Bregja's newish doggie Quinty came with us! Here he is being carried up the ladder by his mama.

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A few weeks ago was the total lunar eclipse. Here is a collection of three photos I took from the balcony here. Unfortunately, the sky was covered by clouds before the eclipse made the mood appear to have a red glow.


Sorry. Blogger has been acting odd and so we have a big collection of photos that we have uploaded and not been able to publish over the past two weeks.

Braai, Bruno and Smoke wish Lena Safe Travels!

Bregja and Damien had a "goodbye braai" for Lena, who was a few days away from flying home to Vancouver to see her man and doggie. This is a tray of meat (inclusive of ostich kebabs) that Russ almost knocked onto the floor!
Bruno was celebrating with us. He wished that Russ had succeeded in knocking the boerwors onto the ground.

The night before Lena left, a bunch of her friends came out for thai food and drinks in Observatory. Some of us are above: Damien, Bregja, Russell, Meghan, Lena in her new gorgeous dress and Andrea.