Sunday, March 25, 2007

Braai, Bruno and Smoke wish Lena Safe Travels!

Bregja and Damien had a "goodbye braai" for Lena, who was a few days away from flying home to Vancouver to see her man and doggie. This is a tray of meat (inclusive of ostich kebabs) that Russ almost knocked onto the floor!
Bruno was celebrating with us. He wished that Russ had succeeded in knocking the boerwors onto the ground.

The night before Lena left, a bunch of her friends came out for thai food and drinks in Observatory. Some of us are above: Damien, Bregja, Russell, Meghan, Lena in her new gorgeous dress and Andrea.


Blogger Jowl Dropper said...

nice sausage

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Kelly O said...

Hey Ho Kids - Glad to see that the blog is up and running.
Love Kel

12:31 AM  

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