Thursday, July 28, 2005

Maritime Moutou

I know you have all been so curious to find out how ASEAN will deal with Myanmar (Burma, you fuckers!) being the next candidate for the chairmanship of the organization (ASEAN = Association of South East Asian Nations). Myanmar was allowed into the regional organization (sort of like an EU but waaaayyy more laissez-faire politically speaking) a few years ago. Why? Well, I think the rationale was the same as that used for letting China into the WTO: that trade liberalization will bring good governance and respect for human rights to these nations. As we all know, Myanmar has not become any less totalitarian in recent years. The unfortunate situation for ASEAN has been that the chairmanship rotates anually from one nation to the next and at this year's conference, Myanmar was supposed to take over. The other nations were perturbed because they feared it would reduce the credibility of ASEAN. Anyhow, you can all relax now because Myanmar has resolved to forgo leadership of ASEAN until "it is ready to take its turn."

So that is what I think about in my spare time. I am also trying to figure out what on earth South America was up to during the World Wars. I know they were internally fucked, but how come they never wanted to play along with us like Japan did?

My mind is also quite intrigued with the Israeli pull-out from the Gaza settlement. And I am waiting for Karl Rove to go down. Him and Conrad Black and Mike Harris. Those assholes should all share the tiny cell with Paul Bernardo. I wonder who would last the longest and who would suck cock first? Although I seem to be obsessed with animals and family history and my lack of employment, I do have other weird shit woven into my perceptual apparati.

This is Grand Falls. We passed it on the way here. I have been to this region so many times and have no recollection of ever seeing this thing. So it is dammed up. I like the rocks. I went into the visitor info centre and tried to read about the geological history but the letters on the display boards were all falling off and being dumb. So I gave up.

Yolanda is sniffing her cousin's ear here and I don't think Abbey has a damn clue! Yolanda and Yoda were the last sugar gliders born into my family and they are the friendliest ones of them all (there are five of them now - Mala crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the spring). When Abbey lived with her glider cousins, they would hitch rides on her big fat ass around the appartment.

Injury from walking into a door the wrong way in a rain storm. I am such a clutzy idiot and here is the proof!


Blogger Keet said...

The best qoute ever form the history of any blog is included in this blog. i congratulate you, on your spectacularenss...on a light note, I spoke muchly with kate this eveing! so you will be proud...

8:14 PM  
Blogger Meghan said...

thanks mr burglar.... what is the highlight you appreciated so much?

yeah good work on kate - she must get her bodily terrain examined by the dog-lover that you are.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Keet said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:48 AM  
Blogger Brant said...

kate who? man i am out of the loop...see ya soon!

6:48 AM  
Blogger Keet said...

The higlight I liked wass the jail cocksucking scenario...

9:44 AM  
Blogger Keet said...

Brant re: Kate is a server at the bent mast who seems like an enjoyable person...

9:45 AM  
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