Wednesday, June 01, 2005


...still in suspended animation....the only phonecalls are not from potential employers but from visa people and bank people wondering why my payments are not being made....

this city, i swear, has the best soil and climate for growing stuff! no wonder it is "the city of gardens" (or so i think?) stuff just GROWS like nuts! when i used to weed the garden, i would add the excess greens to the compost bin, but the bin just is not big enough! too much foliage! we have seperate piles for the crazy leafy bush bits. i love the overgrowth because it allows me to steal gorgeous flowers from people's gardens guilt-free when i am out on my walks in the middle of the night. right now i have a vase full of the sexiest snapdragons! i would show you all, but my nikon digital camera sucks my ass and is being a jerk! argh! i love to document and cannot! the PAIN!

so i slept from 7-10 am today and am quite tired. i ran over 30 minutes straight which is equivalent to about 5 km so i am proud of my increasing physical abilities. i was a fat kid and always felt shitty about my body, so it is totally phenomenal that at the age of 26 i am getting strong and fit! i have maintained a good weight since eliminating animal products from my diet (for ethical reasons, the health benefits were a bonus) but my muscles have never been too hot to trot. actually, this running is probably great for my poor hamstring and assorted leg/thigh muscles - since breaking my hip 10 years ago i get a lot of pain from those muscles (they got sliced into a few times for surgery!) also, my mother, the wonderful psychiatric nurse, told me about how some newspaper says that if you run 5 days a week, you will never be depressed again. i should have started jogging ages ago! heh heh...

so yeah - i am tired and strange. i am drinking some "harvest pear" cider, listening to "daft punk vs. michael jackson" by god knows who, and planning on making some hummus with split peas to eat with some tortillas that i want to make from scratch out of corn meal. we'll see how productive i get. i never drink alone and quite a cheap drunk. this could be funny.

donna just came in and told me she vomitted "all tomato crap" while bicycling..."like when i was a kid and throwing up alphagetties...i thought about how gross it was, which made me regurgitate even more!" if any locals want to know where the remnants are, she says "go to Swan Lake!"...hear that, rodents??

alright....i typed a lot more than i had planned on so thanks for sticking with me if you are still reading this. as a reward, i offer to you one of my favourite west-coast plants, the monkey puzzle tree (well, it is native to Chile and Argentina, but I never saw one til I moved to the left coast).


Blogger Brant said...

Those wierdos look like racoons. i bet they have beedy eyes...
fold abbey in half...go on...fold her.

9:34 PM  
Blogger frustratedwriter said...

Wow, running, cutting, and barfing all in one blog. Life don't get much better than that!

9:56 PM  
Blogger Litlsassy20 said...

Hi thanks for visitng my blog! Always nice to hear of a new reader! I visited your webpage, I LOVE all the animal pics, you sound like my kinda gal LOL

7:50 AM  
Blogger Samara said...

ditto to litlsassy20! It's always nice to hear from someone who appreciates similar things, like growing gardens!!! Cheers

10:21 PM  
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