Monday, May 30, 2005

police discolights

My latest curiosities:

Could we have explored space without Einstein's theories? Or was the relativity theory essential for humans to get off the planet?

What is the deal with the growth of secularism, science and technology and the continued reliance on religion? I need a complete history of humans and their beliefs in metaphysical entities cause it all just boggles my brain.

Why do some people insist that only cold water should be added to a pot for purposes of boiling - doesn't it make more sense to put in the hotest water possible? Do these people think it is more efficient to fill ice cube trays with hot water before putting them in the freezer?


Blogger Turd Burglar said...

God has all the answers!!!!!

8:30 PM  
Blogger Meghan said...

Einstein's relativity theory is used for fixing Newtonian mechanics at high velocities. By "high
velocity", the speed of rockets are not meant here, the speed under
question is -really- high speeds, like light speed and "close to light
speed". So until we invent "warp engines (star trek)" that would take us to that kind of high speed, we will be fine with good old Newtonian
mechanics, so we don't really need Einstein's theorems for current space travel conditions. Also we still do not use nuclear engines too, so E=mc2 is not still in use for this kind of space travel yet.

Using cold water is not because of efficiency, it's obvious that boiling hot water would be faster and more efficient. But, if you'll be drinking or cooking with that water you wouldn't want to use the hot water that comes from the tap. This is because, the tap hot water is heated long before you get it out, and been sitting inside the pipes, getting stale.
You'd prefer to use fresh, non-stale water; in this case you'll go with
boiling the cold water which comes fresh.

And for science, technology, secularism and religion. No good answer really; humans just didn't grow up yet I guess.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Black Mariah said...

Well hey! Nice job answering your own post! The only thing i'd mention is that Einstein's theory of relativity is a neccessity for GPS or SPS(?), which is undoubtably used quite extensively nowadays by the boys in space.

On a somewhat related note I watched a great program at Keiths house the other night. It was on BBC and called Horizon, if you want to check it out. The gist of it (cut from an email to brant) went as follows:

Then I drank his roommates beer. Then I watched a great show
about a physicist who sought to answer the question "Will the
universe expand for ever, or will it collapse into itself." Well,
it turns out that it is going to expand forever. Not only that,
but the outer edge of the universe is actually accelerating away
from us it would seem. This flew contrary to the known laws of
physics. It turns out that the little molecules in space, those
little bits of energy and matter, play a much larger role than what
has previously been thought. For reasons beyond my understanding
the astrophysicists think that this energy/matter in the void is
propelling the universes expansion and is actually a stronger force than gravity. Even more interesting, this theory lends credence to Einsteins "cosmological constant"

The way this Dr.Saul character figured this out is through Super Novae. It turns out that when
these stars explode they emit an identical predictable light signature (it's the critical mass that makes it constant). They are very rare but being a clever fellow he managed to find 42, one as far away as 10 billion light years.

Anyways it was a good show and took me till 4am and left me
thinking that in a few billion years the sky will be alot emptier
than it is now. Lucky for us!

Oh, and the Turd Burglar is wrong, I've kept God in a shoe box under my bed for the past twenty years and have only fed him small bits of lettuce. He hasn't once seen the light of day and knows very little about anything but the composition of cardboard, oh and lettuce...

10:59 PM  
Blogger frustratedwriter said...

I was going to give you some cute answers but then I read the three responses and thought, "Egad, these folks are thinkers of another dimension of which I have only dreamed about" so I decided to go with the obligatory, "nice post." Thanks for visiting mine and hope you will return.

3:50 PM  
Blogger L said...

i think i actually remember hearing in like the 4th grade or something that hot water freezes faster than cold water. it's some sort of freak thing. perhaps i will perform a science experiment and get back to you on it.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Turd Burglar said...

Evaporation... la la la

10:20 PM  
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