Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Here are some wonderful graphic interpretations of Expo '86. I actually had the Archie comic below - I fear I may have sold it to a friend one summer in a box of Archie comics as a kid. I actually still know this guy - I should ask him what he ever did with the box of comics. Maybe he'll give it back. Anyhow, coming to Expo was the first time that I was on an airplane - good ol' Wardair (now very post-rigor mortis). That was also the only time I ever swam in the Pacific in Canada. Now I live a block from a great beach and it is just waaaay too cold for me.
Today is the provincial election and yet I feel quite removed from it all which is funny.
The flag man today lowering the flag at the Legislature almost warped it up in the lines. I watched and wondered if flag people need special training certificates or something. Either way, flags are a funny concept.

There is this great guy on my street who switches the flag out front his house all the time. Sometime depending on world events, sometimes in reference to traditional celebrations and the rest of the time I think he just puts up whatever he feels like. I should start documenting it and then maybe attempt an analysis.
Now that I think of it, the first time I ever lived alone, my landlord would switch the flag on top of my place very often. I lived in this old converted carriage house (garage of the old days?) adjacent to a gorgeous old greystone on Carré St. Louis in Montreal. The landlord lived in the main house with his very very old father and between the big house and my appartment was a great courtyard full of flowers and waterfountains. Anyhow, the flag. The flag changed all the time and it never made any sense. It was always bizzarre. Yet I never asked the landlord what his philosophy was.


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