Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So my appartment suffered a narcissistic injury: there was a break and enter while I was working on Monday! Boo! Hiss! The thieves stole my computer and keyboard and my roomate's VISA. The cops are hoping to get photos from a 7-11 surveillance camera when they bought fags!
Owls and frog-mouthed birds are weird. I think they deserve their own parade! I signed up for a 10 km marathon today! Am I crazy? Today my sister Ariel turns 16 years young. This is great in the suburbs where she lives because now she'll learn to drive and have ESCAPE potential! I will mail her bison burgers to celebrate. I can remember 16 years ago today so well. Erin and I went shopping for a gift for our step-mother at Westwood Mall.


Blogger L said...

oh! getting robbed is horrible. i was robbed in early 03 and it was so terrible. good to see that you are still in good spirits.
much love to you :)

9:53 PM  

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