Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Year of the DOG!

2005 was fucked!

I said goodbye to very massive parts of my life last year. My dog was by my side the whole time. I have never been good with letting go of things and when it comes to humans, this is especially true. While I have overcome the deaths of friends and lovers, I have never had to suddenly cease contact with a special person in my life when they are still alive and living in the same neighbourhood even!

I want to be able to embrace transitional periods better, as life sure is stocked full of them. With loss comes opportunity. I am so grateful for my physical health and fundamental awe with existence.

Resolutions? None really so far. I actually followed through on some resoltions from last year which makes me happy! I just want to use my moisterizers more often than I do. My problem is that I hate oily ointment stuff on my face. I'd also like to start writing more in my spare time and maybe get published in local papers.

Less thought and more action.

Express my talents.

Love to small lizards everywhere.


Blogger L said...

i put moisturizer on my face before i go to bed, then i don't have to deal with feeling it all day. sometimes it gets on your sheets that way though.
happy new year to you.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Meghan you are an inspiration and a model of resiliance! You are off to such an amazing start to 2006, I can't wait to bring in the next new year with you and reflect on all of the wicked ass things that have happened.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope that you have a happier 2006!!! Love Mom

9:10 PM  

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