Thursday, January 19, 2006

I miss my dog! She is in Toronto still as I needed to fly back to work and there was no room for dog kennels on any flights that week.
What is ridiculous is that it cost me $190 to fly home to Victoria and to ship her on the same airline independently of me costs over $250! What kind of policy is going on THERE??
I am trying to rent out the coolest loft bedroom to a pet-person as I am sick of paying so much in rent! I want to start paying a mortgage!
My mom flew to Calgary today for her cousin's funeral - the poor guy was shot in the head by an angry former client who was denied a mortgage!
I am loving my new job at the Ministry of Environment - I love all the taxidermied animals around. I need to befriend more people so I can get up close and personal with some big-horned sheep skulls!
I am going to visit some hotsprings this weekend for the first time in my life! Wahooo! When I was on the Baja Peninsula years ago I hiked forever in the dark with some friends looking for some hot springs we were told about....I remember wading through swamp-type stuff in a sundress surrounded by bioluminescence....but our mission was not successful. I will rectify that this weekend!


Blogger Erin said...

I miss Abbey too. Apparently Lucky has congestive heart failure. Poor little guy!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

Hey Mern!! I feel like I actually can talk to you through this. I feel kind of dumb for not having written before. It's great to hear that work is turning you on. It's awesome when you can have a job that makes you feel good and like you're "doing" something. That is sad about Abbey though. Is she going to be back soon? And Erin, who is Lucky? Anyway, talk soon and love ya! Verno

2:13 PM  

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