Friday, December 15, 2006

High IQ link to being vegetarian

Vegetarians were more likely to be female, to be of higher occupational social class and to have higher academic or vocational qualifications than non-vegetarians.

I wish they had reported statistics about those who chose to reject dairy and eggs... In North America, the meat, dairy and egg industry are deeply inter-twined, so what is with people who choose not to eat animals out of concern for animal welfare, only to contribute to their suffering though the consumption of cheese, eggs, etc? From a nutritional perspective, I suspect that eating meat and rejecting cheese is healthier...

Any one want to debate this or offer some insight so that I can better understand?

Basically, I think if you are avoiding meat because of animal welfare, you are a hypocrite to eat dairy and eggs. Same thing for those doing it for nutritional reasons.


Anonymous Russ said...

I think the IQ correlation has something to do with intelligent people being more likely to question the longer reaching consequences of their behaviour (i.e., introspection is correlated to intelligence). Also, there's more likely to be peer pressure to become vegetarian when you hang around universities or more educated people. So it could be nurture/environment rather than nature.

Speaking from my own experience, I gave up dairy first for nutritional and health reasons. Then I started phasing out meat the more time that I spent with Meghan. I am not a vegan, though, as I will eat eggs and occasionally eat fish. Trying not to eat animals has become an issue of compassion (harm reduction) for me. Eating dairy is just silly -- go ahead and drink the breast milk of another animal if you must, but I pass. However, I think that eating eggs from free range chickens that your neighbour raises wouldn't be hypocritical.

Then again, why am I eating the embryos of another animal? I can get my Omega-3s elsewhere. Hmmmm. I don't like being called a hypocrit, but I see your point.

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Anonymous Kelly Ovans said...


This is off topic but, I miss you my friend. I enjoy our talks and you are a wise woman beyond your years.
Do you like the author Maya Angelou?
Wishing you Merry Christmas with love and happiness in your heart. Take Care. Kelly (big sis)

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Blogger L said...

i don't eat meat because the smell of it....and the feel of it in my mouth, and knowing what it is...makes me feel awful sick. i gave up cheese and dairy for two weeks, it was really hard. i probably am a big hypocrite, but meat itself is nasty.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok i'll bite.

I think that russ is right regarding the correlation between IQ and nurture/environment. It strikes me as unlikely that vegetarianism or veganism as a dietary choice would influence your IQ, unless of course you were to only eat smart beans.

Regarding the ethical reasons for veganism vs vegetarianism I would point out that any commercial farming operation be it meat, dairy or vegetable is not without its evils. Commercial vegetable farmers utilize herbicides and pesticides in vast quantity, not to mention the introduction of GMO's. In addition there is the absurdly evil vole/mole/pest traps utilized to protect crops.

In my opinion, the best situation for any food consumption is where it is grown, caught or killed by yourself - it gives you a pretty intimate understanding of what your food is all about.

Looks like you're havin one dynamite time over there meg. Poke a boerewor for me.


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