Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sore muscles, happy mind.

Tomorrow I start the last week of work before the summer break. On Friday after work I am hopping on a bus and heading to Lesotho, where I will embark on 4 days of "Pony Trekking" from Malealea Lodge!

I love how the big papa seal is waking up the napping small seal because he just needs to scratch that itch! This was in the waterfront. The one sleeping in behind kind of looks like a walrus.

Here is a partial panorama I took this afternoon. It is looikng South-East from "Lion's Head" which Lena and I climbed up (669 metres above sea level). I have an amazing 360 degree panorama here!
I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs, so now they are burnt!

This is a view of "Lion's Head" from the city centre (which is to the left of Table Mountain in the photo above taken from the peak). Lion's Head slopes over into that hump on the right known as "Signal Hill." To the right of this photo is the waterfront, where the seal at the top lounges.

Yesterday I went surfing! This is a photo of "Roxy Surf Club" where we rented boards and wetsuits. You can see the beach and waves straight ahead in this picture. You have to carry the board across the train tracks which was tough, as the wind was very powerful. I was really happy that surfing was not as hard as I thought it would be! I plan on taking lessons once a week in the new year so that maybe I'll be able to stand on the board without falling off.
It was also really nice to get all salty and wet in the ocean. At one point it felt like a crab or something pinch my foot, so I got a bit spooked and wouldn't put my feet down for awhile. Maybe it was just a shell though.
This beach is at Muizenberg (I posted a nice panorama of the beach a few weeks ago) and there are great white sharks around there. There are shark watchers employed to sit on the hills above the bay and watch with binoculars. If they see a shark come into the bay, a flag on the beach changes and some alarm bell goes off so that everyone can come out. In August a lifeguard had his foot bitten off at the beach!


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