Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Weekend Escapades

I finally met some penguins that weren't enclosed in some zoo-type thing in North America. Not many people know that there are penguins in Africa, but here they are! I went to Simon's Town with Kerensa and Maya but we got to Boulder's Beach quite late, as one can tell from the ducky lighting and fuzzyness of the photos.

Before finding the lazy penguins, we stopped in at a great place in St. James to eat some yummy chow and get coffee. There was a great outdoor bar there, as you can see! There were some funky hammock-type things made with long sticks too, a desugn which I want to import back to Canada.

Here is the little one that is so cute! I will post a photo of her in her school uniform soon.
At a beach in Muizenberg earlier in the day we met a fellow with two funny dogs. The one here is named Champagne and she bit Maya in the arm as Maya tried to photograph her and her younger (and friendlier) son.


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