Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Completed my 28th Solar Rotation...

I woke up to this is the kitchen,left by Anne, Frank, Franci and Angie!

Here I am, celebrating my birthday with a trip to Hermanus with Omo and Jean.

HermANUS had some type of Memorial, and I found out later that November 11 is armistice day here in SA, but am unsure what war dead they pay tribute to. Other than this sighting, the observance seemed non-existant.

And yes, this was where I fell in love with the dassies!Dassies are a common name for a hyrax, which, "despite the unexceptional appearance of modern hyraxes, the order has a remarkable prehistoric lineage and hyraxes may be the closest living relatives of the elephant."

Later on, my Mom and Cathy hosted a party for my via the internets!
Then I went out for excellent thai food with Kerensa. After that, we had adventures on Long st!!


Blogger Erin said...

Meghan that picture of Mom and Cathy is the BEST! They're great!
I'm so glad you got a picture of them!
I missed you on your birthday.

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