Thursday, November 09, 2006

Here is a panorama of some pictures I took last sunday near Hout Bay.

Another panorama, but this one of a really cool phenomenon called the "Table Cloth" where the clouds pour over Table Mountain like waterfalls... the clouds evapourate before hitting the city. It is so amazing. I took this on the walk to the store yesterday after work.

This is Mia, not Farrow. Mia is Babs. She deserved a repost.

A bunch of dental moulds that are for sale for 8 rand each... I am thinking of buying some to make cool things with.

Some critters hanging out on top of a building on Long St... the one on the left looks sad and lonely about the evil character of his neighbour.

I took the photo above in the Gardens because the birds in the fountain were silly to me.

Part of a DICK CHAIR that is for sale downtown. This glass part is the part you sit on, and it is convex, so I don't see it being very practical, although I really appreciate the design!

One of the kitties looking at me on the staircase as I take her picture.

Cool bean things that are growing above my neighbour's car.

My street sign in Afrikaans.


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