Friday, December 08, 2006

Alarm Systems are Crazy!

Whoa - my roomates left while I was here in my room and I guess they set the alarm! So I headed downstairs and a crazy sound went off! I know the code to turn it off, but the company calls to make sure it is all good. The thing is, i don't know the "password"... So they were okay with that but now I am spooked the "armed response" is still going to show up!

So above are my flatmates - we all made different courses of dinner and chowed down for St. Niklaus Day which is when Wistnel (sp?) comes and leaves anonymous gifts for you!
Above are Rebecca (a doctor visiting from germany), Angie, Franci, Frank and Anne. Anne and I collaborated and made noodles with asparagus and carmelized onions!

Niklaus? Dat you??

Kerensa and Maya harvesting gemstones to make jewelry for the Prince George market next summer.

Me lying in a bed of gemstones. I have always loved Tiger's Eye and there is tons of it here! Apparently South Africa has the best quality Tiger's Eye on Earth (though India and China have some too). Wait - I just checked the link and they say it is in CANADA and don't even list South Africa? What fool was I talking to?
I found this other stone I had never heard of, called Chalcedony, which I really liked too. It is from Namibia.

Maya's creation: a bird/giraffe/elephant dressed as a witch!

This is Lila, by latest co-worker. At staff meetings, she likes to chew on bones!

Kerensa and I out to dinner on her last night on the town. She is now either in London or Paris.

This is my favourite feral kitty at the campus I work at. He is SO friendly! He purrs and lies down next to me. He may need to come back to Canada and be Muchacho's african brother.

Here are six other feral cats near the Community Law Centre. Most are spooked, except for the charmer above. They lounge around. I like them all a lot. I have yet to figure out how many there are in total. At least fifteen, though.

This was taken this morning. It is Omo, me, Michaelle Jean (Canada's Governor-General), Lena and Jean. We all met up at the "Zip Zap Circus" in a weird part of town. We all got lost a few times.

Here is a circus dude with his anti-retro-virals... this is reality here in South Africa, and it is great to see them taking the bull by the horns (well, civil society, at least....) These children were AMAZING! I was so envious of their flexibility and strength!

Apparently our Governor-General is a man. I wonder what the Conservatives will think of a transgendered person occupying the most senior post in Canada?

What a burn on Zaccardelli. What a turd. Did you know the RCMP aren't allowed to be unionized? What is up with that?


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