Monday, November 27, 2006


The land seal Abbey says "HARK!!! The snow has fallen on Vancouver Island and my mom is sunburned in Africa! Throw me another snowball, Russ!!!"

I apologize for not getting a better shot of this transvestite who was trolling around in the night! She came in and posed, all glammed up with christmass tree bulbs hanging off of herself, and I didn't get to my camera in time. Here she is heading off to thrill some more humans and reptiles.

This photo is over a week old, but the dudes were great. I like how the guy on the right is boogie-ing. I have some footage of a chorus of men too, that my mother in particular would love.

No comment needed. This guy was too much. Nice hair hanging off his flabby hanging weird neck thing?

Right as I took this photo of the Pelican, a bug chunk of dead fish ricocheted off of me! I ended up with gross smelly guts smeared on both of my arms. Yeuch.

Another one of my favourite "Cape Vulture." I have many many more, but limited myself to two on this post!

I took this photo this afternoon at a stoplight on my way home from work. The lady is letting her goats feed on the side of the highway.

Southern Africans love Che Guevera - I think he came to Angola when he was bored with Cuba. There is this great restaurant on the beach called Cape to Cuba and that is where the pics above and below were taken.

Kerensa and I dining by the sea. They actually had vegan dishes!

I went on Safari this weekend to sniff out some snakes!

Here is Maya in uniform with the maker of her beaded key chain. Her purse is made out of coke cans. She is so cute! This man is great too - I almost got him to do my name, but his bead colours weren't optimal for me. I will go back when he has replenished his supplies.


Blogger Erin said...

Meghan, the eyes on those wooden carvings look hauntingly real.

Keep scoutin' out the cool joints - I can't wait to see them with my own eyes.

Love Ern

2:00 PM  
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