Monday, March 13, 2006

Aye aye aye!

Some deaths occurred over the weekend. The first was LUNA the orca who was sucked into a vaccuum tube of a tug boat and shredded in the boat's propellor! This makes me very sad - I think of whales as elephants of the sea! I saw "L-98" (as he was known to federal biologists) about a year and a half ago by Nootka Sound - this was his home.

Slobodan also died over the weekend but unfortunately his demise was not as dramatic as Luna's. Based on my reading and research, Mr. Milosevic was a prime asshole who sucked shrivelled camel testes but check the BBC website's forum about him! I still think he sucked big time though. It is so unreal to me that Europeans continue to tolerate genocides! Here I am, raised in the "new world" post-enlightenment, thinking that secularism and multiculturalism is where its at, only to discover that evil disgusting massacres happened within the past decade on European soil! Is that "never again" slogan that we inherited from the Holocaust bullshit?!? And don't even get me started on the bullshit being farted out of other regions. Why isn't Burma/Myanmar on the global radar? Why are women marching the streets of Khartoum with a baby in one arm and an automatic assault rifle in the other, vowing to make a bloodbath of UN peacekeepers? The powers that be sincerely don't give two turds about human rights - such concerns are a thin veneer for greed and arrogance. We all need to dance and eat berries and be kind to one another as this world really is chaotic crap.

Tomorrow I take my first float plane ride ever! Yahooo Savannah! I need to recharge my digital camera batteries!

In other exciting news, I am so damn happy that water has been discovered on one of Saturn's moons - I will make sure that the Provincial wildlife department is prepared for the inter-planetary species which are sure to prove invasive!

Also, check out the new Mars maps - Google sucks for agreeing to censor information in order to get those lucrative Chinese contracts, but their technology sure does rock!

In other news, I will be getting a 90 minute facial at Tonic Spatique sometime in the future! Wahoo! Time to be a lady!


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