Thursday, February 23, 2006

"We need, and we can, develop markets for our coca ... China is particularly important. The Chinese like herbs and they'll like our coca tea."

Today I love the cops. Go law enforcement! I woke up to a string of phone calls - it was the police department letting me know that my stolen computer has been recovered and is in fine shape! Wahoooo! What a nice treat for a girl who had no insurance on her appartment!

Know anything about anarcho-capitalism? Neither did I until yesterday. It is odd yet thriving in Somalia of all places. And Iceland apparently had some capitalist anarchy going on a few centuries back... Been wondering what is up with Mogadishu? Well, if you do some research you will be shocked and awed like Chaka Khan in the Iraqi Invasion!

I love this city I live in. The sakuras are in bloom and I want to spin on some cardboard to celebrate! Snow = cherry blossom petals on this fine island.


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