Friday, October 14, 2005

Hey people. A rainy Friday evening here in Victoria - I wonder if I will gain an hour this weekend? That is always recoup what was stolen from us in the Spring.
Light is being usurped from us Northern Hemispherians at an accelerated rate now that we are post-Equinox. December 21st is always wonderful because it marks the end of our photon burglary! Bring back the photons!
I really don't have much to report. I probably do, but my brain is mushy from a TURDSday night pub crawl around the slums of the Garden City. I sill hate intolerant creatures and my aversion to violence is still quite high. I am loving up Sufjan Stevens and am making coffee to energize me through a coccoon-like clean-up effort. I learned that London Ontario is known not only for the insurance industry, but also for being the thunderstorm capital of North America!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it seriously already time to get that hour back? Wow, time has been moving at an accelerated pace lately. Maybe I need to check out this Sufjan's 'Michigan' album...enjoy the photons while you have them!


5:05 AM  
Anonymous Jeremiah said...

Love the rain...and I have been dreaming of Victoria often since my family has decided to relocate there. I have no clue of the climate in that area... I am accustomed to sunshine.

My father says its beautiful. He has traveled more than anyone I have known and has decided thats where he wants to be...(Place on Galiano Island)

I just got into Sufjan last month when a surfing buddy shared it with me...

Still don't drink coffee always struck me a "adult" beverage...

7:16 AM  
Blogger L said...

i keep hearing stuff about sufjan stevens. like almost every other day someone brings him up. looks like i'm going to have to get some albums.

12:33 PM  
Blogger sCruuw said...

Nice rainbow! I got a picture of one Sunday~! Did I miss daylight savings time? I need to look into that~

3:13 PM  
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