Monday, August 01, 2005

Miro Dispenser

This weekend I chilled at the top of a lighthouse for awhile and realized I have not been to the top of a lighthouse in over a decade, perhaps. I also jogged across what this province thinks is the longest walking bridge in the world. They will have to challenge Chattanooga for that title, however.

I really want these things to invade Canada.

I also went to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery which currently features these animals on the roof, as well as the exhibit Art in Dispute which is quite neat. The exhibit has a wonky history but it was nice to see the paintings arranged as such. It was annoying that no information cards were posted next to the paintings, however.

I visited the local Science East which is housed in a former prison. I got to see "the hole" where Allan Legere, the "Monster of the Miramichi" was held in the basement.

I have been watching really shitty flims on television but yesterday I met a great cat named Sugar who was rolling in a big patch on catnip. This cat must spend most of his/her life in this patch in complete stoner bliss. I will post evidence later. I crashed a wedding reception Saturday night and was kicked out by the mother of the bride. What a bitch.


Blogger sCruuw said...

Damn I have your link messed up...fixing it now.. That would annoy the hell out of me too...the no info card thing... Nice weekend!

2:20 PM  

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