Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I have less than a month until I leave my fair island and head over to Ontario with my kitty Muchacho to pass him off to Erin. Muchacho will be spending the winter with my sister and Shane in Fredericton. Hopefully, he will remember how to be knid to the gliders.
I want to change this blog template to reflect my new context next month. It is neat that Colombo is exactly 12 hours ahead of Victoria, so I am moving as far from this location as possible (well, I suppose I will still be in the Northern hemisphere).
As anyone who has hung out with me is aware, I am not the best planner and do not make lists. Getting all my shit in gear to move to the other side of the planet for at least half a year will be a challenge for me. I should start gathering my piles now.


Anonymous AireeL said...

I love the grandma-picture!! ONTARIO!! YAY!!

7:03 AM  

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