Saturday, March 19, 2005

after all the time we shared

it is wet and cozy in victoria - good for the plants and worms! maybe it is all the pressure to be academically productive, or the anxiety i have about graduating, or the fact i am listeing to the arcade fire, from montréal, but whatever it is, i am feeling sad and nostalgic. i have lived in victoria for almost 3 years now and have been unable to meet/maintain as many cool friends as i had in toronto and then in montreal. not that there are not cool folks here. a big reason is the fact that i have been so fucked in the head for the majority of this law degree. depression sucks, man. i should have just taken some time off and fixed my brain chemistry and cognitive patterns. oh well. i persevered, ended up with shitty marks and little social relations.

better luck next time, bitch!

but there is no next time?

i am feeling happy because the jobs that i am eligible for are all pretty damn cool and interesting! too bad i have gotten no job offers yet (well, sort of...).

i will start a collection of rejection letters. they are all on cool letterhead.

i miss you all, even you strangers that i will never meet (especially you guys, actually).

i am gonna head upstairs and look for old self-marketing-turds that i can use for internship applications. i need to make a cup of coffee and pump some good music up really loud so that i can hear it in the loft.


Blogger Brant said...

i saw a baby elephant and thought of you, because it said
trunk toy uk tuk

miss you

11:50 PM  
Blogger Terra said...

Hey there-- Keep your head up. I stumbled across your blog and think I am rather familiar with what you're going through. I've been in my city on the other side of this continent having the same problem. Meeting cool people isn't as easy as it sounds. Good luck with the job search. Terra.

7:45 PM  

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