Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bring it on...

"The co-chairman of the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs was among several dismayed by what wasn't in the new government's first budget.
Namely, more than $5.1 billion promised under the Kelowna deal reached last November by aboriginal leaders, the former Liberal government and the premiers.
Its exclusion comes on the heels of a botched police raid that escalated a continuing land dispute in Caledonia, near Hamilton, Ont., and another flood crisis on Kashechewan, a remote northern Ontario reserve that has repeatedly made grim headlines.
"We've been a very patient people for hundreds of years," said Stan Louttit, grand chief of the Mushkegowuk Council representing Kashechewan.
The tiny First Nation on the James Bay coast has been evacuated three times in the last two years because of flooding and, last fall, polluted drinking water.
"I don't know how far people can be pushed before they start carrying out things such as civil disobedience to make their point," Louttit said Wednesday.
"If that's what it takes, well, I suppose that's what it will be."
Opposition MPs taunted Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice in the Commons on Wednesday as he defended the budget.
It commits just $150 million this fiscal year to lift education, housing and water standards and to help close "socio-economic gaps" between native and non-native people."
-Toronto Star


I will be there with bells on, should there be blackades and protests. This is ridiculous! How can Canada advise other nations with respect to social safety nets and good governance when our own people are constantly shafted because of their race?

In terms of the Caledonia protest in Ontario, I read yesterday that the province is planning on getting compensation rushed to the developers whose business interests are being hindered. Why the double standard? Who has more of a claim to the land - the traditional people or some corporations that are profitting off the land's development? Why is compensation for Aboriginals not this kind of priority when their rights go unacknowledged?

If Canada cannot overcome this inequity, what kind of nation can? We are rich and priviledged and educated! No excuses!


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You've been watching too much APTN.

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Shakrah Leechie Kahn!

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not enough APTN!

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Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

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This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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